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Philosophical Discussions in the community

My lovely lj friend poeticknowledge has been posting interesting philosophical discussions in her journal and as we decided to make it a collaborate project from now on I thought it would be a great idea to share the discussions with this community. There used to be similar themes & topics in this community before so maybe this way we can give them a new start?

Here's a link to the original idea.

Subject number 17: The Incredible Flow

Today I wish to talk about The Flow!

It is a subject so many people talks around. The Flow is mystical experience, where everything just "flows" and the big puzzle of life gets many pieces in a one time. The Flow is like a small enlightenment. Everything just goes as they should go...

It is wonderful, powerful and positive feeling.

Everything is just perfect and goes in a wonderful way. It manifest itself as a creativity, connectedness, sensitivity, compassion, experiences that comes alive in your life just minutes after you have made your wish about it and feeling connected with everything. This feeling also gives you an idea about how big life actually is and how you are yourself within "the river of life", you know that you are not separate, but part of everything. Days seem to be brighter, nature more beautiful, people fantastic as they are...

It is like God that is manifesting Himself/Herself all the time around you and you certainly notice it! :)

I reckon, that Sufi's called this feeling about being drunk from the God.

So, my fellow spiritual brothers and sisters, have you ever experienced the Flow? How this experience have been and has it helped you going forth with your life? What is the blessing in the Flow?


AD: My Community for the Creative Writer's.

Hello there everyone, because this community has grown largely, I also wish to invite thos people who love reading or love writing to my Creative Writing Journal. If you know people at your friend list, who love writing, please invite them in... I want to bring it alive...


Thank you about your patience.

Dec. 12th, 2008

-What is Your Username?
Pheniox20, which is based off a funny story, but that's neither here nor there.

-Are you man or a woman?
Genderqueer to the max!!!

-What is Your path/worldview/religion?
Uh...it's confusing even to me, but I'll try not to sound as confuzzled as I am. I'm a pantheist, I believe that the gods are up there (I even talk to them, but I'm on rocky terms with a few of them i.e. Aset) but they don't particularly care for making sure our lives run smoothly as long as the world does. I believe in reincarnation, Angels, Otherkin, spirits, other worlds, herbalism, tarot and all that good stuff, just give it to me without the fluff. I've spent too much time dealing with new agers to care for fluffieness that isn't 100% vegan.

-What are Your Interests/Which subjects you would love to discuss about?
Anything but angels of death and wild-eyed hippie conspiracies, I have enough hippies already ;).

-Are you willing to take new friends to Your friend's list?


-What is Your Username?

-Are you man or a woman?
Um...wow I've never run in to someone who thinks there's only two genders. I admit I hang out with a lot of radical feminists, but seriously only giving someone the option of man or women reinforces the oppressive gender binary that allows for patriarchy. I do fit in to one of these two categories, but simple out of respect for those who are genderqueer, or non-gendered, or some other type of gender, I won't answer.

-What is Your path/worldview/religion?
Essene Christian that doesn't follow Yahweh. I also believe in incarnation, and that all the gods and goddesses out there do exist, and every religion, even if a little obscured by human filtering, has it's own truths. I guess pantheist can be tacked on to my first sentence as well, because of these beliefs.

-What are Your Interests/Which subjects you would love to discuss about?
Anything. I'm open to learning about anything I can.

-Are you willing to take new friends to Your friend's list?
Of course, one can always do with more friends. =)

Nov. 8th, 2008

Something wonderful has happened last week and there is so much new hope in this world. It is first time in years (maybe even decades) that there is something truly positive going on in USA and it is affecting the whole world. I've read many people in lj & elsewhere say this is the first time in a very long time they feel proud of their country. I'm not American, I'm from North Europe and from my point of view USA has been going lower and lower down in spirit & respect during all these years but for the first time in a long time I can say I am happy and encouraged. The mere election of Obama already has uplifted the image of USA so much higher. I do not really think there is one country that should lead the world but I believe in unity and alliance and democracy and how we should support each other even if we have different ideas & opinions in things. Any country can set a good example encouraging others to join the healing and restroring peace, nature, humanity.

The reason I'm writing this is because I think now is the time for each of us. One miracle proves us things can be changed and we can affect on the world, make it a better place. I am truly thankful for American people for choosing a good leader with healthy values but I'm also very concerned about the load of shit he will have to deal with. The state of things is really worrisome and he is not a superman who will make it all right. He can and he will do a great deal but he needs our help & support in it every day. Because it is not him who will change things, it is us. With our choices, with our thought energy and power of mind, with our positive thinking & actions. So I'm here to challenge each and every one of us, American or not, to do our very best to support and help Obama and the leaders of other countries in these difficult and huge tasks by doing good, sending lots of support and positive energy to him and this world, to change our lifestyle and values so that we do not destroy this beautiful planet, so that there is no reason for wars, so that there is a possibility to share things with those in need, so that there is more Love and compassion in this world.

I know money rules much and some structures aren't easily replaced but the responsibility is in our hands. If WE want things to change we can do it, we can change it, we can affect and make a difference. I hope people would finally believe it and take action together, united for the well being of all.

Practise 1; Observation

This is new to the Mystic Temple. I gently invite people to do some spiritual practises, simple, yet full of joy and understanding oneself. I also do ask you to add some of your spiritual practises, that you find relaxing, good or simple, it can be prayer, meditation practise, mantra etc.etc. I only ask you to mention where you have originally learnt it, or taken it from.

This practise is taken from:"The tibetan Book of Living and Dying" by Sogyal Rinpoche.

Observation practise will help you to get in that state, where you can meditate easier. This practise has been in use in Tibet hundreds of years in Buddhism and also Christian Church as well Sufis, basically in mystical traditions this is used as a "Gateway to the God".

This may have different name in English translation, but anyways, here it goes. This practise was mentioned in Holy Scriptures. Old woman went to the Buddha and wanted to learn meditation. Buddha asked woman to observe every movement of her hands, when she was lifting water from the well. Buddha knew that if woman would do this, she would be soon in the alert and calmly open state of the mind, what meditation is all about.

So in this practise, we should observe everything we do, calmly and peacefully, and not to tangle for our thoughts. Simple it is about to concentrate on this moment right now, being present in every moment. So I invite you all to observe everything you'll do in your daily basis and if you will lose in your thoughts, just concentrate again for the things you do. Be aware every thought and notice them, but don't entangle in them.

This is very difficult practise, but it is really rewarding. :) You will find more about in that book I mentioned.

Your fAvourite YouTube videos?

I'd love to get some links to soulful, beautiful, encouraging YouTube videos. Those that have touched you the most with their beauty, message & meaning. I'm especially looking for links to videos about Earth, Nature, animals, relationships, spirituality, connection, power of mind, creativity. Something that makes you feel we are all connected and there is hope and goodness in this world. The videos can also be thought provoking and political. Thank you. :)

Subject number 16; The End of the World

On thursday evening, I watched a document of this mysterious date. Many prophecies are ending in that day, Mayan calendar, I ching--- Merlin, Hopi Indians, Oracle of Delphoi and Sibylla... they all predicted that there is soon the end of world.

Here is some information about it. You can also find many of those in the net.


I wanted to make this one of our discussions; How do you feel about these "rumours"? What kind of Theories and Wild Thoughts and Ideas you've heard about this mysterious date? Do you believe in it? How it reflects in your life? Do you believe in the end of world? Is this only one fear more and just another end of the world prophesy? If it is coming, how do you think we should prepare ourselves for it? Is it end of planet or the end of human race? Is these end of the world theories only a mean to make us to fear the future? What if there have been a massive nature catastrophe in our past and we "remember" it as collective way and we are still afraid of it? How weshould react on these things?

Subject number 15; Seasons

I have another set of questions for you as well. :)

"We change like seasons" is a beautiful quote (unfortunately I can't remember who said it) and I feel the cycles of nature, changing seasons inspiring and important in my life. So I want to ask:
What is your favourite season & why? How does seasons affect on you in a spiritual way? Do you celebrate the seasons somehow?