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-What is Your Username?

-Are you man or a woman?

-What is Your path/worldview/religion?
My path is called imakeitupasigoalongism.  I'm not really pagan, unless you refer to that I do believe in many gods, but I do not worship any of them.  I will go to them for help if there is need.

-What are Your Interests/Which subjects you would love to discuss about?
It's a lot honestly, anything spiritual, anything magically, nothing is to taboo unless it involves rape. I have taken Reiki 1 (haven't managed to do Reiki 2) and I do dabble in tarot cards.  I'm also big into graphic design and web design, reading, and DJing and that's what I do for fun.  The only topics I really do not care for involves monotheism, if it works for you, it works for you.

-Are you willing to take new friends to Your friend's list?
Yeah, I'm always up to meeting new friends!