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Manifesting Monday!

I want to start Manifesting Monday here in mystic_temple  because it is a wonderful way to tell  life & universe & our subconscious minds what we are willing to manifest into our lives. And it really works. I used to participate in Manifesting Monday in mystic_cafe  for a couple of years and it was such a great help for me in graduating from the university, finding a new home and creating all kinds of abundance. Now that the mystic_cafe  seems to be dead and gone I'd like to do the weekly manifesting here.

The idea is simple: Write a comment about all the things you wish to manifest into your life. The trick is to write them with gratitude and positivity as if you already had them in your life. The mind starts to create them and help you to find the possibilities and opportunities to start manifesting them into this reality as well. It may happen quickly or it may take a bit of time depending on your intention, circumstances and the clarity of the image of the thing you want to achieve.

It would also be wonderful to hear your stories about manifesting your wishes into reality. :)

Have fun and may your dreams come true!


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May. 3rd, 2010 02:11 pm (UTC)
I am very thankful for all the abundance in my life; all the well being, joy and financial support. I'm grateful for having lots of motivation and strength to take good care of my body and soul by exercising, spending lots of time time outdoors in the woods & sea shore, doing yoga, dancing, singing and having a healthy diet. I'm thankful for feeling healthy, pretty and balanced.

I'm thankful for having a job I really love and which fills me with positive energy and the sense of meaning. I'm thankful for being able to make my dreams come true and work with nature spirits, fairies and elementals and help people and nature re-connect in a soulful way.

I'm thankful for everything going well. I'm thankful for being in the flow and enthusiasted about challenges and inspired by the beauty and love all around and within me. I'm grateful for dear friends with whom I can connect in a deep, spiritual level. :)
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