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This is invitation for You to join with us to sail in the vast seas of Spiritual, Mystical, and Occultical world. This is a safe haven for discuss every matters that are concerning religional, mythological, philosophical and alternative life style issues.
This community is open for all people from all around the world.

Rules are simple.

1. When you join, please introduce yourself by answering these questions.

-What is Your Username?
-Are you man or a woman?
-What is Your path/worldview/religion?
-What are Your Interests/Which subjects you would love to discuss about?
-Are you willing to take new friends to Your friend's list?

2. Be polite and friendly, no rude words (cursing/sexistic implications), no converting (trying to people believe in your way), no trolling (meaning no wordly attacks towards fellow members), no provokative behaviour (meaning not trying to annoy fellow members by your own comments), no negative attacking to the fellow community members. Thank you.

3. When you post longish entry, remember put it behind LJ-CUT.

4. You are allowed to post pictures, poems, verses, phrases, sayings but YOU need to understand that it is supposed to open discussion and you are supposed to stay in subject.

5. This is not place for you to advertise your things, but if you wish to, for example, advertise your own community or website that is RELATED to subjects we talk here, please remember to put in the headline
letters AD in the beginning.

I will definitely move your from the list, if you are disregarding these rules.
Moderator of this community is onnenhaltia and kuukiventomu